What is Power Plate?

You might have seen these in the gym and walked past without knowing how or why to use it.

What’s interesting is that many of the best doctors and therapists have been using this exact machine to help their patients fix all kinds of problems.

They have been improving the muscle and bone strength of their patients without drugs, supplements or painful exercise.

Including reversing some cases of osteoporosis, and also helping people out of chronic pain.

Using the Power Plate helps to improve strength, balance and proprioception. This is essential to help prevent falls, fractures, and disability as we age.

How Does Power Plate Technology Work?

First of all it is something that you sit on, stand on, jump on, lean on or lie on.

This unique platform pushes waves of energy into your body in what many physical therapists call Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT).  It also aids in achieving a low body fat percent that is so essential to maximize health.

The platform produces 30 – 50 waves per second to gently and powerfully engage your muscles.  That’s 1800 times every minute that your muscles contract/relax on the lowest setting.

This is a big deal and the key to making your body work better than ever before. No matter what age.

Here’s why…

Muscles and bones work hand in hand – when your muscles get stronger, your bones get stronger. Your balance improves, and the waves of energy also flow through your tendons, which sit between muscle and bones. These waves have a unique ability to strengthen tendons and muscles while enhancing their flexibility.

A lot of pain we feel in our body is stored in tendons. Hard to massage by hand, the 1800 waves of energy flow through your tendons every minute. In a couple minutes you can be feeling a lot better. Whether you are a pro athlete or 98 years old, Power Plate can make your body work and feel better.

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