Private Sessions: Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training

We offer private pilates, yoga and integrated personal training as a movement system.  We are a fully equipped Pilates and Yoga studio.  Our teachers are all certified and seasoned in their craft and continually upgrade their education to better serve their clients.  Typical training schools are Peak, BASI, Stott, Balanced Body, Romana,  post-rehab Physical Therapy integration, which can be a Polestar conference or workshop from an accredited facility.  Having a range of abilities and accustomed to the active older adult lifestyle, you’ll enjoy an educational, personalized and professional session.

We encourage our clients to try all modalities and work with teachers from different backgrounds.

During a Pilates Private session, we will introduce you to the classical (only way!) apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac (Trapeze Table), Barrel, Spine Corrector, MvE Chair (our Wunda chair), Ped-O-Pul and other small equipment. Pilates is a Method within a System of exercise repertoire.